WWI Remembrance Testimonials

Stubby The War DogTestimonial From a Weston 4th Grade Student

I just came from the Weston Historical Society’s World War 1 Remembrance exhibit. I thought is was so interesting. I learned many new historical facts that I didn’t know before. My favorite part of the exhibit was the artifacts including helmets, uniforms and metals.

If you get the chance you should visit the Weston Historical Society’s World War 1 Remembrance. They have many cool exhibits, movies and lectures. You can even catch a tour of the exhibits. Many of the items were donated by people that live here in Weston. Everyone should check out the shell art made out of ammunition.

The exhibit that kids will especially like features information about Stubby the war dog. Stubby was a war dog stationed in France. He was a really important member of the military. When the German’s would setoff gas canisters, Stubby would bark alerting the men to put on their gas masks. He was one of the few war dogs to earn a metal of honor.   If you get the chance to visit the Smithsonian in Washington DC, you can see Stubby’s cast, ashes and his uniform with all of his metals on it. Members of the Weston Historical Society will be reading the story of Stubby to the 3rd graders at WIS.

The members of the Weston Historical Society are very nice and really know their history.  I am super proud to be the youngest member at 8 years old. Remember, Uncle Sam wants you for the Weston Historical Society!


Thanks for Reading

Brendan Paul, 4th Grade WIS