Meet Benjamin Franklin

Jack Sherry as FranklinThe Friends of the Weston Public Library and the Weston Historical Society welcomed “Ben Franklin” to the Weston Public Library on Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Jack Sherry portrayed Benjamin Franklin, one of our country’s wisest and wittiest men, in historically accurate attire. Mr. Sherry talked about Mr. Franklin’s many accomplishments and life in the 18th Century.

Patrons learned about Mr. Franklin’s experiments involving lightning and electricity, his proverbs from Poor Richard’s Almanac, his success as a businessman, and his inventions like the lightning rod and bifocals.

Mr. Sherry has recently performed at the New York Historical Society, starred in Ben Franklin’s Pirate Fleet, a documentary for the National Geographic Channel, and has performed for numerous libraries, historical societies and senior citizen groups.

While geared for adults, Mr. Sherry’s portrayal of Benjamin Franklin is suitable for children. The program is both entertaining and educational.